The Real Democracy Party

May 12, 2009

ini tulisanku di ujian semester akhir di SMA Kharisma Bangsa.

Indonesian legislative election has been holding in April with all contradiction and massive bad condition. Some brand image people in their consolidation also said that this legislative election is the worst election depends on Indonesian political election history. April, 9th 2009 also mirrored condition of General Election Commission (KPU) as a mediator of election. In that election, KPU can’t work properly and do too many mistakes. We can see the data recapitulation of legislative election that still can’t reach 100% until today. Even 50%, they also can’t reach. DPT or chooser that has been drafted also one of controversial things in things in this legislative election. Some legislator that not qualified in order to get the DPR chair also irregularities that shown bad preparation of the legislative election. All about Indonesian legislative election that has passed on April, 9th 2009 will give some effect in Indonesian president election that will be held on July, 8th 2009.

In this Indonesian president election, all organization and commission including KNPI, KPU, BIN, and KPK begin to work hard and prevent controversy, misunderstanding, demolition of choosing rights, and black consolidation in order to save this election and to show sense of democracy in this election. This election will be watched by all components and also mirrored civic responsibility of Indonesian voters. All decisions and resolutions before the election and civil or party reaction about this election will drawn the country’s needs and individual and group’s ambition. Because our country need the best and charismatic president and vice of president and that big chair was a goal and ambition by some individuals and groups.

Indonesian president election will be held on July, 8th 2009 and many individual and group put their ambition to join this democracy party. We can divide them from their responsibility in this election and their goal. Every individuals and groups will show their best performance depends on their aims in this election. And the first group that we will watch is KPU or General Election Commission in Indonesia.

KPU or General Election Commission is the successor organization in all the election in Indonesia. They arrange all about election and socialize it to voters. In this year, some percentages of people declare that they didn’t satisfy with the work of KPU for the legislative election April, 9th 2009. KPU claimed can’t do work properly in many things and make the legislative election in this year become the worst election. “The electoral administration processes for being too slow” (Bonar Pasaribu, 2009). They have problems from recapitulation of ballots, distribution of logistic, unregistered voters, the delay in voting in some regency in Papua, and problems with ballots switched to the wrong areas. In the next election (Indonesian president election), KPU must give more attendance and contribution to clean their name in voter’s eye. So, that must be right if KPU have their ambition in this president election.

Not only KPU, voters also have some ambition to be the successor in this Indonesian president election. They want to give their ballot to their favorite figure and participate in this democracy party. Most individuals that can’t give their vote in legislative election because of administration fault will give more force to get their rights and in this president election most probably they will join and give their inspiration. Voters that didn’t give their ballot in the last election because of lack of favorite or inspired figure in legislative election also predicted by some social organization will join this president election because of the popularity of the president and vice of president candidate. Enthusiasms from voters predicted as a mediator of democracy party in this election and prevent the deceitful of politic. So, voter also individual that show their ambition in this president election.

Totally 44 party has joined in legislative election April, 9th 2009 and most of them now have made coalition of party. Person in charge of each party has made a companionship to discuss about coalition. They also calculate probability of political battle in president election to deliver their best party figure. Many coalition has made and depends on legislative election quick count result, there are two big coalition from various party assumed that will deliver their candidate. Nowadays, maneuver and consolidation from each party increase rapidly because of the registration of candidate of president and vice of president only open in this 7 days (may, 10th -17th 2009). There are some probability of pair of president and vice of president. For example, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono from Democrat Party (PD) that makes some political conversation with Tifatul Sembiring from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS). Another example is Megawati Soekarnoputri from PDIP that waits for Prabowo (Gerindra). The first big coalition that is combination of big party such as PD and underdog party such as PKS, PKB, and PAN will have big force from their opposition, containing of Golkar Party, PDIP, Hanura Party, Gerindra Party, and PPP. These two poles produce across ambition of group in Indonesian president election and show their propensity in this election.

All of paragraph before mirrored ambition of individual and group as a participant of the real democracy party that will be held on July, 8th 2009. This Indonesian president election has waited by all the component of this country with various aims. All that aims show this country’s needs. This country needs a big, famous figure that can deliver Indonesians aspiration to the world. This country needs charismatic leader that will bring this country to the right path and inspire Indonesian citizen to be more enthusiast and responsible with the improvement of this country. Figure of president will describe the nation and behavior of president will be watched by all around the world to represent the country that his lead. President also has a big responsibility to estimate or stake a composition of ministry after he/she has chosen as a president.

Despite of all that things, Indonesia needs the best leader. Whatever the aims from individual and group, as long as it give positive effect for Indonesian improvement, the big positive ambition is needed. All of this positive ambition will covered to conclude countries real needs and this ambition gives bright color in our real democracy party, Indonesian president election July, 8th 2009.



  1. puisi”na bagus.. dalem bgt… hahaa
    yang pasti yang paling bagus yang buat linda
    itu kenmangan bgt.. hahaha… reunian yuk kapan”

  2. yuk reuni kapan2,. kalo aku balik kalian harus siap yah!

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