June 2, 2009

paradise boy: bye
paradise boy: see u
paradise boy: later
paradise boy: or
paradise boy: never
paradise boy: miss u all
paradise boy: then the time will not come
paradise boy: and never come back in same condition
paradise boy: when i ask to go and refuse
paradise boy: maybe later u can show and reuse
paradise boy: then if this time will passed away again and again
paradise boy: we will not comrade any filosophy and contradiction
paradise boy: with a little bit of simple introduction
paradise boy: i can’t stand in this situation
paradise boy: if it’s necessary, shall i pass this time alone without any interuption?
paradise boy: then i can get the meaningful of fool
paradise boy: with foolish habit that i have ever seen
paradise boy: the best things isn’t the proper things
paradise boy: but maybe the unusual things is the way to get together along the time
paradise boy: maybe u still there
paradise boy: then the lower case of the red fly can say good bye



  1. no comment.. 😛

  2. itu kutipan YM,

  3. Loving it! Bagus Us 🙂

  4. tapi aku lagi kaco itu ngomongnyaa,. wkwkwk,

  5. kyknya gw tahu itu deh,.,.
    ………pujangga yg gambarannya jelek….

  6. wkwk,. ni pasti seven yg merasa gambarannya bagus?

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